Thursday, September 04, 2008

[Brunei 2008] Croquembouche by Patisserie Cake Shop

I arrived Brunei on 26/7/2008 which incidentally was my third (younger) sister's birthday.

Big King showed me a cake shop being featured on Borneo Bulletin. Looks interesting enough, so persuaded sis to go for its then July's special at 20% off.

Taa-daa, a rather magnificent creation.
Croquembouche B$36 (after 20% discount)

Custard sponge cake topped with custard filled cream puffs. It looked good and tasted equally good. But stay away if you are not keen on custard.

The website now feature a different Croquembouche with chocolate sponge top with cream puffs at B$60/kg.

Well, you know, custard needs long preparation time and is harder to work with. Definitely not cost effective even if selling at $60/kg. I was surprised when I saw it being offered at $45/kg then, so quickly got second sis to put in an order.

Patisserie Cake Shop is located at Kg Mata-mata on the same block as Trader's Inn, occupying the corner lot. There is dine-in facilities serving sandwiches and pasta and coffee and cakes from chiller cabinet.

It's a pity we don't kave the likes of Cedele or Canele or Bakerzin in Brunei. No, Fleur-de-lys is not in the same league, I'm afraid.

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