Thursday, September 18, 2008

[Brisbane] Mizu at Teneriffe

2 Macquarie Street
Teneriffe BRISBANE
Open 7 days a week
07 3254 0488

Mizu special bento
Mizu lunch bento box AUD26

Chef’s selection of two daily special dishes, fresh sashimi, crispy tempura of prawn and vegetables in a traditional bento box. Served with dipping sauce, fresh salad, rice and miso soup.

Today's special are:
Wagyu beef (wow, holy moly)
Fish cake

I specially drove out to Teneriffe to have my special birthday lunch. Boy am I glad I did. Mizu had promptly knocked Sakura off my favourite Japanese restaurant in Brisbane. (I haven't been to Sono)

I was ecstatic when I heard wagyu beef was one of the daily specials. But was disappointed when it came slightly overcooked and became a bit chewy. Still, it tasted very good. The seasoning was subtle and everything was very agreeing with my palate.

The prawn tempura was especially good. It was proper prawn, the length of my hand (palm, stretched finger and all)! Er, but then I have smallish hand, but still....I was overjoyed when I saw the prawn. Not those curled shrimp served elsewhere! If you constantly have prawn tempura and had the real mccoy, you will know what I mean.

Sashimi consisted of kingfish, salmon and tuna. Tuna had a bit of a tendon. Perhaps need to order a la carte to get better 'part' of the fish.

All in all, a very good value lunch. Can't wait to rush back!

Mizu @Teneriffe
The outside.

Mizu interior
The inside. Smallish, with the default al-fresco dining area.

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