Friday, May 29, 2009

Egyptian cotton. Really more superior?

The answer is no.


All those Egyptian Cotton manchester I stock up during sales are money down the drain?? *loud sob* perhaps wailing is more appropriate.

Bro-in-law is coming for a visit with his new wife.

So I thought I would stock up on some new manchester in case he forgets to bring along (which is always the case).

I googled for the best deals and best possible 'type' you can get.

Imagine my face when I found out 'Egyptian Cotton' could be any cotton that is grown in, duhhhhh, Egypt. Even if they are of the lowest grade. My whole body 'exploded'.

Oh my gosh, all those money I spent on 'Egyptian Cotton' manchester......>_<, not to mention those Egyptian Cotton sheets. Ouch....Ultimate price to pay for my own ignorance.

I quickly got myself over to Sheridan outlet to get the real stuff.

'SALE' sign plastered all over the window. Great.

Sheridan Supima Cotton

Brace yourself for the price....

Sheridan receipt


Even cheaper than those non-Egyptian Cotton ones *snigger*. Er...maybe not the face towel.

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Jacob said...

I beleive egyptian cotton sheet is prefect sheet, i always prefer egyptian cotton.