Friday, May 01, 2009

[Melbourne 2009] Docklands; Spanish Donut; Dessert House Eatery

Third day in Melbourne (8 Mar 2009). It was a Sunday. Big King has free time for us today. Yay!

I woke up extremely hungry and had a big breakfast. The tummy felt funny after that. Too tam chia!

That ain't gonna dampen my spirit for the day.

Took the circle tram (free) to Docklands.

Newish living and entertaining area in Melbourne CBD.

Mecca Bah@Docklands

You can also find Harbour Town Shopping Outlets. But the prices ain't 'outlet-y'. Americans will find this place a joke. Outlets (supposedly) at department store prices. Hah.

Harbour Town@Docklands
We spent about 10 minutes in this HUGE place.

Nothing interesting there except Theobroma (chocolate, but the window said 'Coming Soon' :-(.

Walked back to Docklands area and had some gelato from Limonetto.

A small gelato shop with very limited flavour like 10. Maybe we were there too early, 10am, haha.

Limonetto gelato@Docklands
Didn't take us long to decide on butterscotch and lemon (its signature flavour).

I have to say its on par with our Shlix here in Brissie both in texture and in taste. Hmm, yum, yum, goody good.

The colours seemed subtle but the flavours packed a punch. Not that you expect to see some color in lemon ice concoction -_-''. Of course I just meant the butterscotch and the rest I saw in the shop.

This is one gelato parlour I would come back if I ever visit Melbourne again. Sadly, I had given up on other gelato places we visited in Melbourne before.

After devouring the delish gelato, we headed to Queen Victoria Market, by Circle Tram again.

Spanish donut van@QVM
The famous Spanish Donut van

There is also a legendary American Donut in the next street. I bought once before and wrote it off immediately. Even when I received those hot off the fryer. The donut was tough and extremely chewy with burnt 'skin'. The jam was super sweet with artificial strawberry flavor (a no no in my book).

Spanish donut - churros

I bought 2 for AUD2 and they were very nice. I would go back or even come to QVM especially for them. Next time I will get the chocolate dip too.

My tummy felt uncomfortable so I had to skip the chocolate dip *sob*.

Princess loved these a lot. She keep asking me to get some the next few days. I would if I could. But by dinner time that day, my stomach officially declared war and refused to listen to my heart and brain *sob*.

No lunch the next few days :-(. The heavy breakfast from the hotel made me nauseatic and so I have to live with a distended stomach the next few days. But a particular night's dinner saved me from my ordeal....More on that later.

The plan was to have Indian food for lunch. But it was not open, ah well, blessing in disguise. Not that I can stomach any of those food.

So we went to my favourite no brainer, Dessert House Eatery. If I can't think of a place to eat, I will head straight for DHE.

Fried kwayteow@DHE
Char kway teow AUD9.80

I ate 1/4 but can't taste. My tummy protested. I had to tapao the rest.

Lemongrass porkchop@DHE
Lemongrass pork chop rice AUD9.30

Big King had this but he didn't comment. After all, it's not Lucky's chu par (pork chop), can't compare with his numba wan.

Dinner was roast duck and braised chicken rice from Pacific BBQ AUD9.80. Worst roasts ever, can't imagine why this is a popular place. Duck was dry and flavourless but chicken was ok. The ginger and shallot dip was bitter, orz *_*.

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