Friday, May 08, 2009

[Melbourne 2009] Red Silks

Red Silks Restaurant
Level 1, 200 Bourke St

Visited 10 Mar 2009 for dinner.

Big King had work dinner commitment, so Princess and I went looking for something simple to eat. Actually not hungry meh, but I want to try out some new restaurants.

Red Silk@Melbourne
Dimly lit bar like interior.

Stairs to Red Silk
The restaurant is up a flight of stairs above Breadtop.

Hokkien fried rice@Red Silk
Hokkien fried rice AUD11.40 (including a glass of iced lemon tea)

As soon as I entered the restaurant, I regretted. The interior was dimly lit, the round fake leather sofa seats were all cracks and the colour faded. Seriously they had seen better days. Worse, I can smell cigarette smoke in the air.

But the very friendly waiter greeted us and informed smoking was only allowed outside in the balcony seats.

Ah well, since we were already there and Dessert House Eatery was full house when we passed by earlier. I decided to give it a go.

Menu had a decent pan-Asian selection with some interesting daily specials dishes on blackboard.

The restaurant did not fill up the whole time we were there. This really puzzled me after I tasted the Hokkien fried rice.

This was the first time I ever heard of and ordered a Hokkien fried rice. It was egg fried rice topped with stir fry of chicken and vegetables in sauce.

It was good, really good. In fact, me and Princess polished off the whole bowl and we went away tummy healed. Very weird, I know. Healed with a fried rice?? Come on. But it was true, come the next morning, we woke up very hungry and eager for more food to fill our tummy. Hooray, no more rennie :-) and the bread roll from Breadtop, really sick of it by now.

While devouring the fried rice, I started to seriously study the specials menu on the wall and the more I read on the more I felt like trying everything! Deep fried fish in special spicy sauce, golden prawns coated in yolks, soft shell crabs.

The place was popular with students and after work office people. I can hear murmurs of satisfaction from neighbouring tables. 'Oh, this is so good,' 'Oh, so tasty,' 'hau hau chze,' etc.

I actually saw a Causasian man ordering two dishes. A rice dish and a plate of char kway teow (fried rice noodles). Everything was polished off @@. He came after us and left before us @____@.

We never had a chance to come back. Too many restaurants to try too little time.

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