Sunday, May 17, 2009

[Melbourne 2009] Espressino; Laurent Bakery

Madame Brussels Lane
50 Lonsdale St
Melbourne (CBD)

Visited 11 March 2009 for lunch.

Ham&mushroom piadina@Espressino
Piadina Cotto AUD8

Piadina is an Italian flat bread. I ordered the Cotto with ham, mushroom and cheese. After one bite, my heart OS: should have just gone across the road to Piadina Slowfood =X.

Also had a flat white, the cafe served Romacaffe (AUD3). It was served in a smallish cappucino cup and saucer -_-''.

After eating, I quickly left. The place was super busy with nearby office crowd.

Er, haha siao chabo I know. I taught her to pose with the hands on her hip but then it came out..... XD. Hahaha.

On Lonsdale St
Taken at a building along Lonsdale St.

After a lacklustre lunch, we went for tea at Laurent again.

Auteil AUD6.95

Auteil - Vanilla mousse, caramelised mango, raspberry coulis, sable, fresh raspberries & meringue.

Princess ate the mousse but left the rest.

No food luck during the day :-( but we had the most memorable dinner ever!


RizelChama said...


OMG jie wewe looks like you!!!! *rubs my eyes*

She's so pretty!

Rabbit Sim said...

Eh Mei, she meng meng looks like you!