Friday, May 22, 2009

[Melbourne 2009] Dainty Sichuan

Dainty Sichuan 天府川菜馆
26 Corrs Lane

Visited 11 March 2009 for dinner.

Dainty Sichuan@Melbourne
To get to the restaurant, you have to walk towards the end of Corrs Lane which is a wet and smelly cobbled alleyway.

Big King was so unsure, halfway in the alley, he actually turned and walked back to Lt Bourke St and stand and lookabout for a while.

Cheh, so angry, I insisted on going.

Cold noodle@Dainty Sichuan
Cold noodles

Dressed heavily in chili oil. It made my mouth burn but it was so addictive I couldn't stop.

Cumin pork ribs@Dainty Sichuan
Spicy cumin pork ribs 孜然排骨

So spicy, my mouth felt like its been injected with botox. By the time I was on my second piece, I wanna cry out for mercy.

Princess actually liked and ate quite a bit. She kept asking the next few days, 'Got anymore of 'that meat'?'; 'are we going to eat 'that meat' again?'

Eggplant@Dainty Sichuan
Fish fragrant eggplant (made-up name, direct translate from Chinese) 鱼香茄子

The sauce reminded me of our Malay keropok (ubi kentang coated in sweet chili paste).

Yet another addictive dish.

Eggplant1@Dainty Sichuan
The eggplant was crispy on the outside with soft and melt-in-the-mouth flesh inside.

Superb skill from the chef.

All the dishes are by no means 'dainty'. Its best to go in a group or at least four, lest you will find it difficult to finish the dishes.

Dainty Sichuan interior
We arrived around 6.20 and there was already a queue formed. We waited for like 20 minutes before sitting down. The queue was worse when we left.

It was a weekday night but I was actually not surprised.

After dinner, it was drizzling but we strolled over to Nam Loong on Russel St for some steamed custard bun.

Nam Loong@Melbourne
The steamed custard bun was average. It was not steam well enough, I bit into granulated sugar (which should have been dissolved thus creating a molten effect) and thus was not impressed.

But the big chicken pau was good. We even tapao (takeaway) a couple to be eaten on the flight back (we flew Virgin, no meal provided).

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