Sunday, January 16, 2011

Donate to the flood relief appeal

I don't know how to begin.

This harrowing mother nature disaster has knocked on Queensland's doors.

Not only did homes and businesses went under, many the city's multi-million infrastructure (Coronation Drive possibly going to slide) and massive developmets over the last few years faced massive destruction.

I am very lucky my suburb wasn't affected. I have been worried as I live close to the city. Just five minutes up the road, it's a different world..........

Life as usual in my suburb with people going about their lives. It's hard to imagine, just four days ago, I was in the local shopping centres and there was a mad dash to the shop with people clearing out milk (including UHT and tinned condensed and evaporated milk) and bread shelves and frozen chips and vegetables. It was sheer madness, I was so shocked and only left with a jar of instant coffee, a packet of biccies and a bag of frozen chips. People went away with trolly full and I was the only one with three items...........Seriously I was in shock.

Yesterday I went out to check on the supermarket and relieved to find stock has been replenished with no sign of price increase. Petrol stations have also reopened after being out for the last three days.

Premier Anna Bligh and Lord Mayor have been dealing with the situation very well, kudos to them. The TV channels has been doing a great coverage to keep us updated.

Please give whatever you can to the flood relief , Queensland need your help and we thank you.

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