Sunday, January 02, 2011

[Singapore] The Buffet Hotpot @ M Hotel

M Hotel Singapore
81 Anson Road
Singapore 079908

Hotpot dinner at The Buffet, level 2.

Steamboat rest@Millenium H

Steam boat@Millenium H
Chicken broth and tom yum

Prawn in herbal stock@Millenium H
Once we sat down, the server quickly brought over a bowl of drunken prawns for each diner.

Veges@Millenium H

Assortm plate@Millenium H

Seafood@millenium H
Seafood was extremely fresh.

Balls@Millenium H

Veges1@Millenium H

Noodles@Millenium H
Homemade green spinach noodle is good.

Meats@Millenium H

Sauces&condiments@Millenium H

Desserts@Millenium H
Small selection of desserts including mousses, fruits, nyonya kuih, durian penyet and ice-cream.

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