Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If GOD has a voice...............

I always thought he would sound like Andrea Bocelli.

Until I heard Miljenko Matijevic.


Such a talented man with a hauntingly beautiful voice, no-one/nothing in the world over can compare (in my opinion, of course) with. Pushed Freddie Mercury right off my top vocalist of all time with a vengeance.

The man should be doing greater things than just cover albums and receives/deserves so much more accolades than the world has bestowed him.

It's the sort of sound/voice/music I think the world should be filled with. Well, my world, at least.

震撼 again and again.

THIS IS the voice of GOD. Period.

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Anonymous said...

this effi Hallelujag song is stucked in my head after listening to it for just ONCE. Ridiculous. I wake up humming to it in my head. B x