Saturday, January 22, 2011

[Noosa] Maisie's Seafood and Steakhouse

Maisie's seafood & steakhouse
247 Gympie Terrace
QLD 4566
Telephone : (07) 5449 7497

Long established restaurant popular with locals and tourists. Decor is dated but has its charm being housed in a 100+ year old building.

Barramundi@Maisie's Noosa
Battered barramundi with salad

Barramundi was sweet and well-cooked. Salad light and refreshing. Good choice by Big King.

Nuggets &chips@Maisie's Noosa
Nuggets and fries from children menu

Maisies fisherman's basket $ 26.50
Maisies fisherman's basket $ 26.50

I was very hungry and fisherman's basket on the menu looked enticing. The thing was MASSIVE. My jaw dropped when it came. Suddenly I was not that hungry anymore. Too much food to be taken in sight.

Lobster@Maisie's Noosa
While waiting for the food to come, I spied lobster orders being ferried to tables by cheerful and friendly staff. I commented to Big King how small the lobster was and how to fill one's tummy?

Now I wished I had ordered the lobster when the humongous plate/bowl of fisherman's basket was place in front of me. Orz........I struggled to finish everything.

We walked along Gympie Terrace after dinner and spied the very savvy and buzzing IS Tapas Bar few doors away.

Next time.

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