Wednesday, January 12, 2011

[Noosa] Mod Oz at Berardo's on the Beach

Berardo's Bistro,
on the beach resort,
hastings street,
noosa heads, q 4567

opening hours
monday - sunday
breakfast from 7.30am
lunch from 12pm - 4pm
dinner from 5pm


Berardo's on the beach
Stunning view over Noosa main beach

Seafood linguini@Berardo's
Linguine, Local Prawns, Mussels, Scallops, Chilli, Garlic & Parsley $24(entree size)

One of the mussel had beard and hurt my tooth filling, ouch!! The dish came out less than warm, I heard the service bell rang three times before anyone bothered to walk over and serve the thing. Truly disappointing service.

Duck in filo@Berardo's
Board special: Duck in filo served with olive tapenade and sweet potato mash

This was also entree size, tastewise, not agreeing with my palate. I like clean and uncomplicated flavours. But sometimes complicated can be good, all depends on the chef's skill.

Kid's menu: Fish and chips

This was horrible, the fish was cooked to death and had a rubbery texture. Very weird.

I read so much about Berardo's, all good things and came with HIGH expectation but left without bothering to try the desserts (a first for me!) eventhough the lunch hardly filled our tummy.

The idea of visiting the restaurant was quickly scrapped after this.

I am not saying the food was below par, well, except the fish, just you know, not my type of food.

呵呵相見不如懷念; 美食可是非常主觀的.

Noosa beach
Lazed on the beach after lunch.

The only sunny day in two weeks. Started raining again the following late morning.

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