Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cheesecake Galore!

My favourite cake in the world, cheesecake!!

Perfect for breakfast, afternoon snack and after-meal dessert!

Strawberry mascarpone cheesecake
Strawberry mascarpone cheesecake

Green tea n chocolate cheesecake
Green tea, vanilla and chocolate cheesecake

Boston cheesecake
Boston cheesecake

Chiffon cheesecake

Coffee cheesecake on choco sponge
Coffee cheesecake on chocolate sponge

Marbled cheesecake
Marbled cheesecake

Recipes coming soon!


sieyee said...

cheesecake look very nice and yummy too..

Rabbit Sim said...

Nie, cheesecake is my weakness. But the fancy ones took quite a while to make.

Anonymous said...

oohh... looks so nice. Brunei cake like hell. I boght tis choc cake from F Bread. Horrible. Ur 1 nicer. The choc cake taste so ordinary. N cheesecake here dosn taste like cheesecake. Like no cheese 1. Open a cafe when u get back. Red bean.. mmm.. Love it. ;) I like oreo. Make oreo cheesecake. hehe

Anonymous said...

Very nice cheesecake..well done. Don forget to share ur recipe k.

chanit said...

I love your new posts, and we love
cheesecakes, waiting for your recipes ! thank you ;)