Monday, May 08, 2006

Pretty in Pink

I have wanted a jewellery box for the longest time. There really aren't plenty around to choose from here in UK, they are either in boring dark wood or plain to death leather colour. I knew I have found the perfect one when I set my eyes on this beauty.

Paris jewellery box
Aspinal of London's Paris Jewellery box

Stylishly small enough to travel around with and in the most pretty pink leather lined with suede. I even have it personalise.

While browsing also bought this pretty pink leather long wallet lined with suede and silk, all handmade. It doesn't come more luxurious than this, unless, of course you stud your's with diamond.........

ladies long wallet
Aspinal of London Ladies Long wallet

Big King said it's my mother's day and birthday present. My birthday is in September for god's sake!

Visit Aspinal's website to get your own. They deliver worldwide.

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