Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chocolate souffle1

Chocolate souffles from GU, a premium chocolate dessert manufacturer. Didn't rise like how souffle is supposed to rise. It tasted ok. Personnaly I don't really like souffle but souffle lover will like it. It's kind of a self-saucing souffle if you like. Make no mistake even if it did not rise much the batter came out nice and airy and springy and extremely light.

Chocolate souffle 2
Yes, it looks like those melt-in-the-centre chocolate pud but the texture is really souffle-ish.


bayi said...

Looks sinfully rich but really yummy!

Lansing said...

Oh my GOD! Jie you rocks! Kiat and i, we were drooling just by looking at the first picture! Bring bring bring bring bring! Then in return i find some goodies in SG oso...hope have time to kai kai! Jie, we really miss you ad cute wewe who just turned one in march. Come back! This chocoloate souffles look sooooo delicioussss *slurps*