Thursday, May 04, 2006

Curry puffs - a taste of home

Curry puffs

I started my seconday school years in a government school. Before that I attended the only Chinese school in the capital. I always look forward to breaktime in the morning and would rush off to the tea hall as soon as the bell has rung.

Local snacks and tea/horlicks/milo and fruits awaited us in the hall (supplied by the school for free). A moment too late it will be all gone, limited supply versus whole school of about 300 girls (girls and boys has separate tea hall). We get one kind of snack each day and different for the rest of the week. Fruits were normally oranges and apples.

I always look forward to the day they serve curry puffs. I remembered the filling as fairly sweet and they only use potatoes (no meat) and the skin crunchy eventhough they had already gone cold. After eating, I would linger in the hall. When the queue has ended for the food and there is still some leftovers, I would ask makcik (malay for auntie) if I could have more. Normally I get to take home 4 or 5, haha.

This is my first ever attempt on making curry puffs. I used curry powder, chicken, potato and boiled egg as filling. Skin is just water and flour and a little butter. No recipe as everything was agak-agak (guesstimate). The moment I sink my teeth into one, those yesteryears memories came fooding back...........


bayi said...

The white bits among the potato cubes, would these be egg whites? I have eaten some excellent curry puffs with hard-boiled egg in them and the pastry is just excellent!

Rabbit Sim said...

Yes bayi, the puffs become even more yummy after the hard boiled egg bits have absorb the curry flavour.