Saturday, May 20, 2006

Chiffon Madness!

After countless failed attempts at the ludicrously easy chiffon cake, I've finally been able to churn out good output now. Why easy but failed many times, I can hear you ask? Ha, 1 input factor wrong, the whole thing will kaput! Like oven temperature too high, batter not fully incorporated, egg whites beaten wrongly so on and so on, all result in collapsed cake.

Green tea n red bean chiffon
Green tea and red bean chiffon cake

Green tea n red bean swiss roll
Green tea and red bean swiss roll (filling is red bean mousse)

Coffee chiffon
Coffee chiffon

I have also made other flavours like pandan, vanilla and chocolate.

Recipes are dime a dozen, however, I do have a favourite one. Coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Only a suggestion anytime I make a chiffon cake when to mix the egg white(already beaten untill soft peak) into the flourmix+egg yolk ,I always used the whisker not spatula,so the egg white is not flat and one more thing when mix the egg white put a teaspoon of cream of tartar. I can't wait to read your cake roll recipes , it is look delicious.

sieyee said...

wowow.. look so nice ah.. especially the coffee favour....

Joanna and Kiat said...

Jie! Kiat here! Wow, it looks delicious and i simply loveeeeeee it! When you come back to brunei, please bake it jie! I wanna taste it (with writing help from mei mei!)

sha said...

Rabbit Sim,
The cakes looks so yummy. May I know how you got your swiss roll's texture looking so smooth? If possible, can you share your recipe? Thanks.

sl said...

Haven't seen blogging recently. Do miss you blog entries. Could you share the green tea and red bean swiss roll recipe? Would really appreciate it. Thank you.