Wednesday, March 14, 2007

[Brunei] Chocolate Hi-Tea Buffet @ The Empire Hotel and Country Club

I have always enjoyed passing my time in Empire. Be it brunch, lunch, high tea or dinner, no meal has ever failed me. Not to say everything is executed well but all my dining experiences have been pleasant ones.

Empire1 Settings

Empire silver service Crockeries, cutlery, teapots are by Asprey

Empire savouries Savouries

Empire Sweets Array of chocolate desserts, macarons and scones

Empire window Window view


another pt friend said...

Where is that laksa stall that you mentioned about? The one that makes a "killer version". I want to try. Thanks.

Rabbit said...

My neighbour woh, no stall one. You can try netzone, taste is ok. Can try if you're really desperate.

pt friend said...

netzone... the one next to beseller? tried in year 2001. Not siok leh. I wish someone sells penang laksa lah.

Rabbit said...

2001?? Eons ago!! I wish we have authentic penang laksa seller here too. I love spicy and sour food.