Tuesday, March 27, 2007

[Singapore 2007] Superdog at Vivocity

Visited Singapore again in February during Chinese New Year.

Super Dog
Super dog and chicken sausage

Tried the much raved about german bratwurst topped with chilli. At S$7.50, it was not cheap. The chicken sausage meal was on offer with a voucher so we got one too. Both 'sausages' looked and tasted like hotdog. I much prefer butcher's style meaty, chunky sausages. The home-made iced lemon tea was so diluted I keep wondering whether I was actually drinking one.

Spotted Kuching's kolo-mee restaurant across Superdog. Tapaued home the deluxe version (the only version served at Vivo City's outlet), S$6.50. Speechless when I took first bite. This is the famed Kuching kolo-mee?? Not even close. The noodle's texture was fine but the sauce/oil it was tossed in has an unnatural sourish taste. Maybe the minced meat was off as it tasted a little sour too but you can't tell cos it's cooked in black soya sauce. Soy sauce turned acidic if cooked for too long or under too high a heat. Came home, ate my quarry kolo-mee, fully satiated and goodbye forever Jia Xiang. Burp burp, hee.


lsy said...

Rabbit Heart, how to contact you? The email to you bounced back like a bola. lsy

Rabbit said...

oh, will contact you and change the contact link. Account expired liao, thanks for reminding.