Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chinese New Year in Brunei

Chinese New Year in Brunei is a simple affair. At least for me and my family. We have our reunion dinner on the eve, chap goh meh (15th day) dinner, again and visiting friends and relatives.

CNY Food
Tasty dishes served at one of my auntie's open house on the second day. That's when all my relatives congregate. Easy for ang-pow giving duty.

Lion Dance1

It just so happen the lion dance troupe from the Chinese Association stopped at a neighbour's house, we invited them to do an impromptu performance for us.

Lion Dance2

Young girls and boys strutting their stuff. Got experience or not?? Walau eh, all that we could hear were, tong tong tong, chang chang chang. No rhythm whatsoever. The 'lion' made the usual round of the house and off they went. Well, at least that remind us we are celebrating Chinese New Year.

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