Monday, March 12, 2007

[Singapore 2006] Tampopo at Liang Court

Left Char siew (barbequed meat) ramen in pork bone stock with mentaiko and braised egg
Right Spicy black pig ramen

I absolutely love the ramen at Tampopo situated on the same level as Meidi-Ya supermarket. My must visit everytime I am in Singapore; both the supermarket and Tampopo.

The stock is flavourful from long time simmering, the char siew tender and the egg was extremely tasty with the yolk perfectly undercooked such that they are just set and not runny. The famed black pig air-flown from Japan was sliced paper thin, the texture is tender yet crunchy, an unusual combination. You have to taste it to understand how it can be so.

On recent visit I tried the Omu rice (tomato fried rice covered in fluffy omelette) served with salad on the side. It was supposed to be Princess' lunch but she keep asking for my noodles -_-

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