Tuesday, March 13, 2007

[Singapore 2006] Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant
Level 4, Ngee Ann City

Imperial 1
Left: Roasted goose served with plum sauce
The beautiful amber coloured skin is wonderfully crispy with just a thin layer of fat underneath it. Meat is moist and seasoned well. A joy to eat.

Middle: Spicy sesame paste la mian (pulled noodle)
The best I have ever tasted so far in Singapore; till I get a chance to visit Silk Road. Broth packed a punch, the ma (spicy?) and la (hot) flavour orchestrating in your mouth till you wanna sing home to mama.

Right: Spinach Beancurd with seafood (also comes in assorted mushrooms version)
Our waitress highly recommended this dish. God she's right. Yum, yum, yum is all I can say. Beancurd so silky it will slip down your throat. The seafood fresh and springy (hope it's not from the bicarb, I didn't taste any). Spinach is well, spinach........

Imperial 2

Left: Xiao long
Default order in a la mian shop. Average taste, can't tell the difference from a Crystal Jade version.

Right: Pan-fried meat bun
It's bun with the same xiao long filling. I actually prefer this to xiao long.

Other dishes I have tried are fried rice stick with beef, fried la mian with crispy eel strip (dry version) and beancurd in crab roe sauce. All are quite tasty. The dry fried eel la mian is not on the menu (they serve the soupy version) but they are happy to accommodate my request. Beancurd in crab roe sauce is only available when crabs are in season. The first time I tried it, I almost fell off my chair. I can taste HEAVEN!! It's the tastiest thing I've ever tasted apart from my favourite Amedei Chuao. Not to be missed!

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