Saturday, March 10, 2007

[Singapore 2006] Nyonya Buffet @ Princess Terrace

A delightful meal experience at Princess Terrace @ Copthorne King's Hotel, Havelock Road in Singapore. I went sometime in November last year (2006).


The spread of food is quite minimal but the standard of food more than made up for the lack in varieties. The fish and prawns were cooked to perfection which is very rare in buffet and they still taste great towards the end of the evening.

Popiah and rojak were the evening's major disappointment with the filling soggy for the popiah and the rojak sauce is too weak. Rest of the items on the above picture were average.

The porridge was labelled "double fried porridge". Don't ask, why the double. It looked a mess but great on the palette. The dried cuttlefish had both flavoured and lent a nice aroma to the porridge. Rest of ingredients unidentifiable......... Princess polished off two bowls by herself @@

Penang laksa was only average as my neighbour cooks a killer version, woohoohoo.

On the far right is mee-sua (a type of fine thread noodles) in herbal duck soup. The soup base was weak but meat fell of the bone beautifully, even the meat lacked in taste. More herbs will be a tad better.

I absolutely adore the nyonya kueh and the kaya, best I have ever tasted! I've never been to Penang so unable to compare with the local best. But those offered were good enough for me. Heard the Nyonya kueh chef ONLY prepares kueh and nothing else. Oh someone learn from him and come to Brunei to open a shop please..........

The normal Chinese tong-sui (sweet soup) was a let-down. The red bean fool was too sweet and the peanut fool was so salty I could have sworn they have mistaken the salt for the sugar.......

Highlight of the buffet was a nice-looking chef pulling tea (tarik), haha, he even let me took several pictures of him doing the 'stunt'. The teh-tarik was VERY good, he did not show off for nothing hehe.

The environment, tiny space I must say.

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