Tuesday, March 13, 2007

[Singapore 2006] Desserts

Godiva @ Vivo City

The much raved about chocolate ice-blended. Cost a bomb. Tasted bland to me. Bad day for the cheery-faced serve staff? Give me a mocha ice-blended from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf any day.

{Gelato/Ice-cream} Bravissimo vs Haagen Daz

Black sesame and D24 durian

Green tea and double chocolate cookies

Both ice-cream chains are everywhere. They tasted average to me. I much prefer green tea with adzuki bean from Haato (formerly known as Pokka). I get my fix from the outlet at Meidi-Ya supermarket. For black sesame, I prefer Azabu Sabo at Marina Square. For chocolate ice-cream, only the 66% at Canele tickle my tastebud (that's another post altogether).

Canele Patisserie @ Robertson Walk


Also a must visit for me in Singapore. It's just a short walk away from Liang Court. Canele is my default purchase, the shop is not named after it for nothing. Best you could get this side of universe. Rectangular pastry is Le Royale and the dome top pastry is Jupiter. Both were executed excellently. Sandwiched between the cakes is rose and rasperry jam. Somehow the combination doesn't work for me. No fireworks above my head when I first tasted.

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