Sunday, April 26, 2009

[Brisbane] Jackpot Noodles

Jackpot Noodles
96 Albert Street (Corner Mary)
City, 4000

Jackpot noodle House

Jackpot on Mary St
An air-conditioned, self-service place fit out with plastic chairs and laminate tables.

The place is bright and clean with prices starting as low as AUD5.50, it attracts different crowds from backpackers to students to lone diner to family.

Pork chop rice@Jackpot
Pork chop in peking chop served with rice

Seafood noodles@Jackpot
Stir fry seafood and vegetables with noodles

Portion is generous and for canteen style fares, they tasted ain't half bad either.

Yesterday was market day, as usual I went home with jumbo eggs (2 doz), strawberry chocolates from Noosa Chocolates, Greek yogurt, salad leaves and fruits.

Stopped by Chouquette to pick up eclair, almond croissant and chocolate gateau.

Today (Sunday) is supposed to be a relaxing day, for Big King at least. But he brought us to city for some shopping. Yay.

Bought 2 pairs of shoes for Princess a pink flats with sequin flowers and a pair of pink rainboots with heart and strawberry motifs at Myer. The second pair at 50% off.

I got a Something by Natalie Wood tiger tee from DJ. The cover-the-bum tee. I'd been eyeing it for a while now and since my size is the last piece...I grabbed it though it was not on sale :-(. Perfect pairing with my tights or tight jeans and my biker jacket over it in winter. Ooooh, so cool. I need another long tee........and I'm thinking a leopard print one this time.........

After all the excitement from shopping, we were famished. We decided to go yum cha at Manor. Very yummy and satisfying dim sum lunch, save for the cheong fun (rice roll) that never came :-(.

Strange the place was not as busy as usual. Not yet payday I suppose.


bryan said...

heyhey =) i'm a singaporean studying in brissy! i check out ur blog to see whether to go @ times! so keep updating!!

Rabbit Sim said...

Oh hi Bryan,
Welcome to Brisvegas. Its a nice place to live and study.
You are more than welcome to share your culinary adventures too.
And its alright to have a different opinion.

Rabbit Sim said...

Eh typo, I meant gastronomic adventures. Last night's Masterchef is really getting to my head.