Thursday, April 23, 2009

[Brunei 2009 CNY] Afternoon Tea at Country Patch Cafe. Friendship

Afternoon tea spent with some good friends.

Country Patch Qlap
Left: Afternoon tea set BND15.XX? for 2 pax including coffee or tea
Right: Nasi lemak and chicken pie

Afternoon tea set was quite good value. You get dainty finger food on three tiers. Perfect for the ladies though it may not be enough for the chaps.

Nasi lemak good as usual. That was my only nasi lemak fix. Chicken pie was ordered for Big King to try which I stole a small bite.

A very enjoyable afternoon spent hearing funny stories from San and work complaints from Y (which I don't mind).


So your friends expect you to be a good listener when they complain about any and everything. Is it a smart thing to keep mum and just nod your head? If you do just that, will they take you for granted and treat you like a doormat?

So when it comes to your turn, you know, unhappy, do a bit of complaints. Is it too much to ask that your friends to do the same in return? Listen to you and be supportive or at least keep neutral?

So you have been there for them when things are down and ugly. When it happened to you and the so-called friends just seem uninterested in your matter and before you could continue, quickly jump to other people's defences and quickly put you down. Worse when they call you bad and difficult, why trying to complain about this and that.

You know that is when the heart suddenly went cold and you realise all of a sudden that people think the world revolves around them and you are nothing but akin to a speck of dust in their world.



I want to thank in advance to the new doormat and wish him/her best of luck.



RizelChama said...

Lol it happens to me quite often too jie (too often, in fact).

That's how I developed my "I-dont-care-about-anything-else-already-so-buzz-off" attitude and I've taken the liberty to apply it both to family and friends.

Cheer up la ..

bb said...

yeah.. dun emo! Eat Gelato!. HAHAHAH. hey.. It rhymes okay. and guess what. spring is here and i am sick. =.="

Rabbit Sim said...

Hah, autumn is finally here and I am STILL sick :-(

RizelChama said...

Toinngggg the both of you so ngam sick lagi luls. Summer is here and bird shit on my car. ): So ngam?? I was driving back then PIAK! LOLs Mama found it damn funny.

Get well soon both of you~ drink more water, get some rest, eat healthy green and organic food~ and make sure you work out and sweat some sweat~