Thursday, April 23, 2009

[Brunei 2009 CNY] Family outing at Takara Japanese Restaurant

Takara is the oldest Japanese Restaurant in Brunei. Correct me if I am wrong.

It's located at the back of Centrepoint Gadong.

Bento set BND15

Chicken katsudon@Takara
Chicken katsudon BND??

Er...hmm....the potato salad was quite tasty, even the niece said yum.

My favourite food from Takara is the Ebi (prawn) Tempura. But I didn't order as Princess and Big King don't take prawns and I am not sure about others.....

I mean I know they take prawns but I don't know if they mind.........

It was a treat from sis-in-law so I don't dare to go overboard with the orders =.=

SIL had also ordered noodle soup and salmon teriyaki rice for the in-laws; salmon teriyaki rice and california roll for niece and agedashi tofu with rice for herself. I think there were one or two other orders which I can't remember.

We finished with green tea ice-cream with adzuki.

Yeah, so I have finished the Brunei/HK CNY trip.

Also been to the new dim sum place at Yong Siong Hai. But forgot to take any pics, we were too busy catching up with PV and hubby. That was a very enjoyable brunch because of the company. Then I learnt from Nie that the food was actually so so =.=. Hoho I was too busy chatting to notice :p

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