Thursday, April 30, 2009

[Melbourne 2009] Hutong Dumpling Bar

Hutong Dumpling Bar
14-16 Market Lane
Melbourne (CBD)
Opp Flower Drum

Visited 7 Mar 2009 for dinner.

We went without a reservation and waited for about an hour to get seated.

Xiao Long@Hutong
Xiao Long - decent

Chili Chick wings@Hutong
Chilli chicken wings - chicken wings fried to death but taste wise think...until... you taste the real Mc-Coy at Dainty Sichuan.

Pork ribs@Hutong
Ribs in Peking sauce - average

Radish pastry@Hutong
Radish pastry蘿蔔絲酥餅 - wth?? Not at all what I expected. I ate half a piece and gave up.

Total damage AUD62.90.

The xiao long was worth the wait. The mains were forgetable.

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