Friday, April 03, 2009

[Hong Kong 2009 CNY] Star Ferry and Tai Cheong Egg Tarts

Day 3

After yum cha at Superstar, we took the star ferry to Hong Kong Island.

Star Ferry
On star ferry

Overhead Bridge to IFC
Covered walkway to IFC (taken from overhead bridge)

The ferry ride took 10 to 15 minutes and only cost HKD2 with Octopus card (travel card which is valid on MRT, buses and ferry)

We walked around IFC for a little while. Another mall with branded shops much like Harbour City.

Lost my interest and decided to proceed to Causeway Bay by MRT. Oh god, the MRT station was HUGE!! It took us 20 minutes to walk from Hong Kong station which is underneath IFC to Central station.

When we came out of Causeway Bay station, I got the first shock since arriving in HK. So many people!! The streets were packed and walking on the street felt like a slow queue.

After doing some exchanges at Giordano Concept (no, of course I didn't shop there!! The fashion is like for people 'on other side of the world' or funeral attendee, bleh). Big King was in the queue for a good 40 minutes!!!

We went into the shop still bright and came out into the dark!! And by this time, the streets were even more packed!! Oh my god, I felt like I coudn't breathe and develop a bad headache straight away.

Headache aside, the radar is still out for good food. Made our way to Jardine St to look for Tai Cheong, a Hong Kong institution for egg tarts. Its right at the end of the street.

Tai Cheong HK
Tiny shopfront

Tai Cheong Egg Tart
Egg tart

Helluva good egg tart. Wobbly custard with buttery biscuit base. Best eaten hot but it was still so very goood the next day.

This will be on my Hong Kong MUST EAT list.

Gobbled up the tart and cross the road to Sogo. Was so disappointed with the cramp display style. How to shop like that??!? There were even plastic cover over some racks of clothings. Huh? Duh. The place is in need of a serious refurbishment. It reminded me of Milimewah in Brunei.

Friend Ni had recommended I try Mochi Cream at Sogo basement. Which, I didn't manage to find. Gave up looking for it. There's just too many people in that cramp space. I had to leave the place or else I will drop to the ground.

Next stop is dinner at Wu Kong (Tsim Sa Tsui branch).


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Thanks for visiting my site. Always wanna go Hong Kong (I went there once but when I was too young, couldn't remember anything T_T) Really wanna eat Egg tart, congee and wontan there.

Rabbit Sim said...

Hong Kong has endless good food lists. I can't wait to go back.