Thursday, April 16, 2009

[Brunei 2009 CNY] Cheez Box. Charmy Ice

Family outing.

We either go Excapade or Cheez Box. They are bro's top eating out choices.

I have written about this place before.

Cheez Box Gadong
Bro had chicken teriyaki rice.

Sis shared spaghetti bolognaise with Princess.

Mum had yam and seafood claypot noodle, I had a small bowl share.

Big King had baked chicken chop rice (not picture).

Food was quite tasty especially when you have loved ones for company.

Pity sassy sis wasn't there :-(

After dinner, we cross the road to Charmy Snowice.

Charmy Ice Gadong
We had chocolate (bro), mango (me) and two milk (sis and Princess) flavours.

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