Monday, February 18, 2008

Back from Melbourne

I was back from Melbourne yesterday. Very tired and aching all over with blistered and blue-black feet. How my feet got blue-black I have simply no idea! It's not like I knock against anything.

Princess and I combed almost every inch of Melboune CBD till she was able to recognise and say the name of the place if we were there the second or third or the Nth time. We were even in Queen Vic market twice, orz.......Travel posts coming soon......

On the way from our hotel to Queen Vic market, we came across this

Quanjude Melbourne
First Quanjude in Australia. Quanjude is a famous roast duck purveyor in Beijing. I had a peek inside, the decor is 'flashy' traditional Chinese and very opulent.

The restaurant is only opening tomorrow on the 19th Feb 2008. I had been hoping to be one of the first customers, alas it's not fated to be.

Visit the website for phone number and opening times.

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