Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shlix Gelato

Shlix Gelato
364 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley
QLD 4006

Shlix Gelato
They all look yum!

Shlix gelato 1
Our favourite flavours, from left to right:- pistachio (my pick), premium dark chocolate (Princess pick) and black sesame (Big King pick)

Best gelato we have tasted so far. The award winning gelato shop in Melbourne can't even compare (in my opinion, ha), needless to mention other gelato shops we have tried (countless, we are gelato freaks!)

The gelati at Shlix scream intense flavour with the smoothest ever texture. Slide down the throat like a dream while the flavour lingers in the mouth for quite a while. So if you want to eat several flavours at once, choose carefully. I made the mistake of having pistachio and blood orange sorbet at the same time, urghhhh, a no no. But indivudually, they taste like heaven.

Shlix is located at the Chinatown end of Brunswick St so it's quite accesible to tourists. The clusters of standalone boutiques on this side of Brunswick St (including nearby TCB) and round the corner Ann St give Melbourne's Flinders Lane a run for their money.


Anonymous said...

The Bloody Orange, Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry is a to die for mix!!!

Anonymous said...

no kebab for me when out in the Valley ! It's gotta be Shlix for a pick me up! the heavenly taste of blood orange, juciness of the cherry and the smoothness of the mars.. damn now I'm wanting it .