Thursday, February 28, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink @ Trampoline

Date visited: 9/2/2008 for after dinner dessert.

After dinner at Ye Shanghai. We cross the road and enter Trampoline, a gelato shop.


Green tea and grape gelato?? Mmmmm, not so sure...

Trampoline,open sesame n pistachio
We chose very boring flavour; pistachio and open sesame

Verdict: Flavour could be stronger. Texture could be smoother. Nuff said.


We brave the cold and had our gelato outside since no more space liao inside.

The ladies kept looking while I snap the interior, the gelatos and the window, the sign.

Maybe they think waste of effort, haha.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed you tried a couple of ice-cream/gelati places and don't like any of them. Next time you're down in Melbourne, give Casa Del on Lygon Street a try - seriously the best gelati in Melbourne.

Samantha Perkins said...

I notice you pixelate people's faces in most/all your street photos.....why?

You do realise it's okay to take shots of people in public places?

Sorry no offense, it's the first time I've seen anyone do it. It makes me think those people are wanted criminals or perverts :P