Friday, February 01, 2008

Coffee Cheesecake (recipe included)

Quite a few people had approached me to request for the recipe of Alex Goh's coffee cheesecake I posted eons ago. Sadly I don't have the book with me anymore so I was unable to share.

I never stop trawling the net for cheesecake recipe. After a lot of trials and adjustments made to recipes sourced from the internet. I finally settled on the following recipe which suited my family's palate.

Coffee Cheesecake
Coffee cheesecake

Light Cheesecake Recipe


A Cream Cheese 250g
Unsalted butter 45g
Milk 112g

B Cake flour 37g
Corn flour 23g

C Egg yolks 6 (large size egg with shell on @50-55g)

D Egg whites 6
Sugar 115g

9 in round mould or 21cmx21cm square cake pan, base and sides lined with parchment paper


1. Put A into a double boiler or a heavy base saucepan. With a low flame, heat A until mixture is smooth, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat when there is no lumps. Set aside and let the mixture cool slightly. Caution: do not overheat or mixture will split.
2. Sift B and add to 1.
3. Add C, the egg yolks, to batter mixture and stir until well combined. Set aside.
4. Start to beat the egg whites on low speed. When it reaches foamy stage, increase speed to medium high and add the sugar tablespoon by tablespoon. Whip egg whites to soft peak (see below). Make sure sugar is completely dissolved.
5. Fold egg whites into batter. Make sure mixture is completely incorporated before pouring into mould.
6. Preheat oven to 170 degree Celsius. Bake in a bain marie (water bath) using boiling water with water reaching up halfway to the cake tin. If using loose bottom or spring form pan, double wrap the bottom and sides with aluminium foil to prevent water seeping into the pan.
7. Bake at 170 degree Celsius for 15 minutes, reduce heat to 140 degree Celsius and bake for a further 1 hour or until cooked (test with a skewer, it should come out clean).
8. Remove from oven when cooked. Let the cake cool slightly in the tin before removing and cooling it on the wire rack. Refrigerate overnight (or at least 6 hours) before serving when cooled completely.

1. Cake should not shrink but slightly is fine.
2. Every oven behave differently, several trial and error is needed to find the optimal temperature with your oven. The above recipe is baked in a fan oven.
3. SOFT PEAK STAGE - The soft peak stage is reached when the peaks of the whites droop slightly, when the beater is turned off and lifted. Do not continue beating past this stage as the whites will become dry.
4. If making coffee cheesecake add 3 tbsp instant coffee granules (I use Alta Rica) to 1 and mix well until completely dissolved. If making Irish coffee cheesecake, add the coffee granules and replace 65g of the milk with Baileys.

Irish Coffee Cheesecake
Irish Coffee Cheesecake

Caramel cheesecake
New York style caramel cheesecake


sieyee said...

sing, if i have time i would like to try the coffee cheesecake for my friend who come over to my house for CNY.. ONLY my friend..hehe

Haley said...

We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)