Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Brisbane on Sale! - Myer Loot

Myer loot
Cardigan from Tokito A$59.95 (not on sale but they are toooo pretty with bling bling buttons ohhhhhh)

Skirt from Regatta A$45 (reduced from A$90). This skirt is sooooo sui and luxurious to the touch, bought on behalf of a friend.

Metallic silver tights from Voodoo A$10 (reduced from A$30). Must have, trend still going strong this season.

Blue tights from unknown brand A$4.55 (original price unknown). Scouted from clearance bin. Goes very well with my super short Sass mini denim skirt A$35 (not pictured, original price unknown) and Sass long empire line sleeveless tee A$12.95 (not pictured, reduced from A$29.95).

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sieyee said...

thanks ahh... really like it..