Monday, February 25, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink @ Ye Shanghai

Ye Shanghai
269 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Date visited: 9/2/2008 (Day 1 in Melbourne) for dinner.

Ye Shanghai shopfront

Ye Shanghai window
Yummy pictures adorned the window

Spareribs with tea-tree mushroom
Spareribs with tea-tree mushrooms

This dish looked unappetizing thus uninviting thus it sat on the table for a while before I finally found the courage to dig in. Not a wow dish but taste better than it looked, more importantly, the taste really suited our palette.

Sweet & sour baramundi
Sweet & sour Baramundi

The magnificent looking fish 松鼠魚, arrived at the table after 20 minutes. The sight and smell of this very well executed fish attracted glances from ALL the diners in the hall. A flutter of murmur around followed.

The fish was so delicious we polished the whole plate! Big King does not even like fish! We were still thinking and craving about/for the fish when we went back to the hotel later. When we wanted to satisfy our cravings just before going home, to our horror, the place is closed for renovation! Aiyo, so soi.

Pan fried bun
Pan-fried bun

As you can see from the pic, very lousy skin but filling was OK. This was only ordered when told the Nanxiang Xiaolong was sold out.

Total bill A$51.40. I think the fish cost A$28.40. I do think all dishes are reasonably priced.

This is seriously a must check out restaurant if you are in Melbourne, do not be fooled by the fact that the restaurant is located on a very busy section of Swanston St hence its reason of survival.

There is also the A$8.80 lunch deal worth checking out. Well, if it was still on when they reopen.

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