Friday, February 29, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink @ Dessert House Eatery

Dessert House Eatery
313 Swanston Street
(opposite QV)

Date visited: 10/2/2008 (day 2) for lunch
Dessert House Eatery
A south-east Asian quick eat place

DHE colourful menu
Menu with colourful food pics

Lemongrass pork chop rice
Signature dish: lemongrass chicken chop rice (could opt for pork instead). A$9.80 with a drink

After 10 minutes of sitting down, a plate was plonked in front of me. I was shocked when the mountain of rice stared at me and I stared back hard. The mountain was halved by the end, between Princess and me. I was still full come dinner -_-'''

The chicken was well-seasoned with very subtle hint of lemongrass. I especially like the seasoned green scallions (hidden behind the mountain of rice in pic), I could eat the stuff with white rice alone.

Princess @ DHE

The place is super noisy with cheesy cantonese pop playing in the background. We arrived at 12.30pm and sit upstairs. Patrons kept trickling in, within SECONDS, the place is full.

As they were having a very busy midday service, the waiter printed the bills in advance and put on tables when they are almost done eating. I understand why they do it (and they did it politely) but I still feel uncomfortable. I almost choked on my iced lemon tea while trying to down in one go so we can go go go ale ale ale........

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