Monday, March 03, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Shopping - QV

Corner Swanston and Lonsdale St

Date visited: 10/2/2008 (day2)

QV laneway shopping

After lunch at Dessert House Eatery, we cross the road and 'enter' QV. It's a different shopping experience in QV, with the place constructed into laneways. To be honest, I find the place a bit sparse and waste of space. I want shopping centre FULL of shops.

The shops, hmmm, I only came here for toilet and Breadtop in the basement and Lupicia (but that's another Buy post). But I like T.L Wood on Albert Coates Lane, not that I can afford them. A top for A$250, hello!!

See the group of family on the above photo on the right? I stood at my spot for several minutes and still they did not budge. I feel like they were even posing and waiting for me to press the shutter XD. Ho la Ho la.

Melbourne QV

It was official Chinese New Year celebration day In Melbourne CBD on 10/2/2008. All the Chinese shops were having lion dance performances. It was super noisy and super packed. Princess covered her ears and watch with a poker face. She didn't express likes or dislikes of the lion dance or the firecrackers.

Princess @ QV
This is Princess' look when we first arrived (about 1pm) - Summer.

Princess @ QV laneway

This is Princess' look after we did a round of QV and finished shopping at Lupicia (about 2pm) - Autumn

Yes, welcome to Melboune. The city with four seasons in a day.

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