Wednesday, March 05, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink @ A1 Cafe

A1 Cafe
191 Russell St

Date visited: 10/2/2008 (day 2) for afternoon tea

A1 Cafe Melbourne
We were in Target for about 10 minutes then Big King buzzed me. He had finished at the MECC and wanted lunch. Alamak it's already 1525, he must be famished.

I suggested A1 Cafe as the roast meats looked good when we walked past earlier on.

Yes, as you can see from the photo, A1 did not escape the patronising lion dance troupe.

Turns out Big King didn't want roasts, he ordered his usual, pork chop. This time it's baked pork chop rice set meal, came with a bowl of mock sharks fin soup for if I am not mistaken A$13.80. The roast duck is beckoning out to me so I ask to add a taste slice of Peking Duck (yes just one) for A$2.80 or is it A$3.80.

The rice and the soup were blah. But the roast duck *eye rolling to the back* was darn good. I was given a breast meat, it came glistened and smell heavenly (from just ONE pathetic piece, yes). The meat was tender and seasoned well, but, my god, the skin was so crispy without any fat *eyes rolling back and forth now* Now this is roast duck done proper.

I was still stuffed from lunch at DHE so I didn't think then to order half a bird and savour it at the hotel later.

Peking Duck

Come dinner time, I was STILL stuffed, all the way to the throat from lunch. I skipped dinner but I kicked myself for not bringing back the bird from A1. Awwwww........

Princess watching yet another lion dance, this time at the supermarket next to A1. It took forever for them to finish, I was waiting to do some shopping at the supermarket.

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