Friday, March 14, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Shopping - Melbourne Central

After lunch at Meiji, we walked over to Melbourne Central. It took us like half an hour, we are slow walkers.......with short legs.......

Diamond bracelet@Melbourne Central

Saw this love shapes diamond bracelet. Went in to try on and asked the price. It was AUD6,500!!! At 30% off, it was still daylight robbery price!! I said thank you and will think about it (NOT). You should have seen the lady's face, though less 'black' and 'smelly' like Empress Dowager's.

Krispy Kreme@Melbourne Central

Walked to the basement and saw Krispy Kreme! Woo woo, die die must eat! Bought the coffee deal for AUD5.95 and you get a doughnut and a coffee (duh). The coffee was surprisingly good. Princess drank half the cup, orz, I know I shouldn't let her.....bad mama.

I like Melbourne Central, because there is less crowds here so I can shop leisurely. There are art-deco seats scattered all over the building to rest your tired feet.

You can find Famous Amos(!), allegedly world's smallest tie shop, Cash Box Karaoke (from Taiwan), bowling centre, cinema, creperie (another post!), gelato bar and the usual clothing stores.

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