Thursday, March 20, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink - Camy Shanghai Dumpling & Noodle Restaurant

Camy Shanghai Dumpling & Noodle Restaurant
25 Tattersalls Lane
(off Lt Bourke St nearer to Swanston St)

Date visited: 14/2/2008 (day 6) for dinner

A restaurant hidden in an dingy alleyway but enjoy wide coverage by Melbourne bloggers and media.

Camy Shanghai Dumpling
Dan dan noodle (I know, it looked like something else), Shanghai fish rice (need lots of water to wash down), spring onion pancake (dripping with oil), xiao long (thick skin, strong porky smell) >_<'''

'Authentic' northern style dumplings
'Authentic' northern style dumpling (as stated in menu)

'Tastiest' food of the night, though still with strong porky smell. Gawwwd.....

High oil, high sodium and 'strong smell' food is simply not our cup of tea.

Paid A$3x.xx

Since on subject of alleyway dining, Hardware Lane (between Queen St and Elizabeth St) is a very happening dining street with live band performing in the evening.

We've never dine there, no mood sitting elbow to elbow with other tourists.

Hardware Lane@Melbourne
Hardware lane at daytime, comes alive in the evening.

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