Thursday, March 13, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink - Meiji Japanese Cafe

105 Lt Bourke St
(between Exhibition and Russell St, opp Chinese Museum)

Date visited: 13/2/2008 (day 5) for lunch


Chicken & prawn pot rice@Meiji
Prawn, Chicken and five veg pot rice

Rice in stainless steel pot@Meiji
Spatula and a small bowl provided

I suppose this is way off most tourists' beaten path. Most of its clientele is nearby office workers or locals (cos I overheard them talking about their house and office ><, not intentionally, the place is tiny!).

It's about 15 min walk from Swanston end of Lt Bourke St and 10 min walk from Spring St end of Lt Bourke St. I was actually sweating when we reached Meiji and it was a cool day.

The rice dish came in a stainless steel pot and sure didn't look appetising but it smells very good. I was surprised when I tasted the rice and veg, they were full of flavours, must have been cooked in stock. The pale colour of the whole thing belie the presumption that the rice and the ingredients were bland.

At first I thought I was not hungry, but we finished off the whole pot between me and Princess and it sure was a BIG pot and only cost me A$8.50! Great lunch spot if you work in Melbourne CBD, well, depends where you work. The walk will certainly build up the appetitie for the pot rice!

Again, I was too full and can't manage dinner, though the afternoon tea later was part of the culprit XD.

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