Tuesday, March 25, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink - Cocoro Japanese Pottery & Lounge

Green tea parfait@cocoro
Cocoro Japanese Pottery & Lounge
Queen Victoria Market

Date visited: 15/2/2008 (day 7) after lunch at Piadina Slowfood

Cocoro Jap Pottery
Nestled unassumingly among a row of brick shops.

Marriage of cafe plus potteries showroom

Green tea parfait1@Cocoro
Green tea parfait A$9.XX

Green tea ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, green tea pound cake and honeyed adzuki beans topped with cream and garnished with black sesame.

Doughnut van
Saw the legendary doughnut van on the way home.

Jam filled donut
Jam filled donut A$0.80@

I limped all the way back, too much walking the past few days. Princess asked me to carry her midway while also carrying a teapot, a percolator and a bag of hot donuts, orz.....

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