Thursday, March 06, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink - Tomodachi @ Melbourne Central

On3 (level 3 near Hoyts Cinema)
Melbourne Central Shopping Centre
Cnr La Trobe and Swanston St

Date visited: 11/2/2008 (day 3) for lunch after window shopping at Melbourne Central.

Tomodachi @Melbourne Central

On its website, Tomodachi claimed to be the Best Sushi Train in town. Hah (a joke in my opinion), perhaps because its the only kaiten sushi in Melbourne CBD area (just guessing, I am not familiar with Melbourne at all).


Served with salad (nice whole fresh leaves) and honey mustard sauce. This came as a surprise after eating a couple of mediocre offerings from the belt.

Lobster salad@Tomodachi
Lobster salad

Just thought I would snap this because 1 food photo is just pathetic. I've came all the way from Brisbane!

Tomodachi Lunch time promo

The promo starts (and the sign hung) at 12pm. We came at 11.50. Bummer.


Before going to Melbourne, I have 'consulted' many Melbourne foodblogs and noted a list of places to eat. My criteria being good food, casual and good value for money. Because of my 'stringent' criteria, I had stumbled upon a few 'landmines'.

Sambal Kampung has enjoyed good coverage in the Melbourne blogosphere. So it is with high hopes that I ordered their 'special' chicken rice to take-away for dinner.

At A$8.50, it did not come cheap. Imagine my surprise when Princess refused to eat anymore after one mouthful (she's normally good and not too picky with food and will even eat just plain white rice). She was going to spit out but I forced her to swallow. I told her, it's not good wasting food.

She said through teary eyes,' What did you give me, so hard, no taste, not nice, I don't want anymore.'

I coaxed her to eat just the msg laden rice and felt lousy (that Princess had to put up with rubbish - lots of msg) for the rest of the night.

Disclaimer: The above opinion is just the author's own shallow perspectives. Taste is a personal and individual thing. The contents are just the author's record of own experiences.

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sambal kampung isnt good at all