Thursday, March 27, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink - Ichipan Crepes

Ichipan Crepes
Melbourne Central

Date visited: 15/2/2008 (Day 7) for dessert

Ichpan Crepes@Melbourne Central
Situated on ground floor of Melbourne Central near the Swanston St exit/entrance.

Ichipan display
The wall is adorned with plastic models.

Ichipan crepe with ice-cream
Big King had one with ice-cream, I had one with nutella, banana, strawberry drowned in custard, YUM!

Salt & pepper chicken rice
We had dinner at Dessert House Eatery (again!). I had salt and pepper chicken chop rice (pictured), very nice! Big King had lemongrass pork chop rice (no pic) which is similar to the chicken version I had before.

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