Friday, March 07, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food and Drink - Kimurakan Cafe

Kimurakan Cafe
238 Lt Bourke St

Date visited: 12/2/2008 (day 4) for lunch

Kimurakan Cafe@Lt Bourke St
Kimurakan is located on Lt Bourke St between Swanston St and Russell St.

Kimurakan Special Bento Set
Kimurakan Special Bento

I was famished after walking around Melbourne CBD for the whole morning. I wanted a lot of food and a lot of variety. The house special bento looks promising and comes with a drink or miso soup for A$13.80 (or thereabout).

The lunchtime menu looks very good with most item under A$10. It's a good value for money luch spot I would say.

The contents of the bento include steam prawns with beansprouts, spring roll, crab claw, beancurd, fried chicken, tonkatsu, salad and an unknown fritter in the middle of the box XD.

Taste isn't too bad either. It's acceptable for that price.

Princess@Kimurakan Cafe
Princess was also happy. Phew, I splurged on the most expensive item on the menu to compensate for previous night's dinner.

We left with big grin on our faces.

Go go go, more walking to do!

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