Monday, March 31, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink - Il Dolce Freddo

Il Dolce Freddo

After a frustrated meal at Brunetti, we hope the 'award-winning' gelato will 'extinguish our fire'. Who knows........

We had durian and lychee flavours. The durian smell strong, I could smell it 2 shops away but tasted pretty weak...orz. Lychee both smell and taste weak...orz...more disappointments. I miss Shlix.....

By dinner, I no mood to snap anymore. We had claypot rice and wat tan hor (rice noodles in eggy sauce) at Claypot King on Swanston Street. The braised pork claypot rice was surprisingly good.

Yeah, that conclude our Melbourne trip.

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Anonymous said...

u should try roche'and frutti di bosco during ur next trip, that'll change your mind