Monday, March 31, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink - Brunetti


Date visited: 16/2/2008 (day 8) for lunch


We arrived tired and hungry at about 12.50pm.

There are cafe and restaurant. We wanted to sit down have a nice meal. Who knows.....

Took the waiter 25 minutes to set an EMPTY table. WHATDAEFF??? Dowan our business issit??

The waiter and waitress stood behind the counter all the time, busy at nothing and sometimes stared into space. Bloody difficult to attempt eye contact.

Seafood linguini
I had seafood linguini.

Duck risotto
Big King had duck risotto.

The food came extra salty till it left a bitter after taste. The duck so dry we could have sworn we were eating duck jerky.

Also had sourdough with olive oil and balsamic dip. The bread came cold and stale?? WHADADAEFF!??

Opera & nutella cheesecake@Brunetti's
Opera and Nutella Cheesecake

Cheesecake average, Opera is dry and felt it had been in the fridge for 3 days.

Italian cheesecake
Italian cheesecake (ripoff at A$8.XX)

I once read, Italian cheesecake is the KING of all cheesecakes. Eating one is like a revelation. Jokingkah?? Blah. This version is hard and stodgy. *head hit wall* by now.

Total damage A$70 including tips. BIG damage and should have saved the tips.......ORZ.......

Super overrated place.

I simply no mood to snap the very flashy entrance by the time we left.

Fine if you LOVE this place to bits, the above is just our unfortunate experience.


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