Wednesday, March 12, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink - Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar

Date visited: 12/2/2008 (day 4) after dinner

Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar has quite a few locations around Melbourne. We visited the QV branch.

Max Brenner's @QV
Business is always this good, day and night.

Chocolate fondue for 2@Max Brenner's
Chocolate fondue for 2 A$16.50

You get a pot of milk chocolate and dark chocolate each. To dip, you get, bananas, strawberries, marshmallows and banana bread.

The melted chocolate was so sweet, a diabetic person will ting tong even from one small taste. Imagine, dipping the already super sweet marshmallow into the super duper sweet melted chocolate....*shudder* even just thinking about it.....

Max Brenner's
Shop corner selling ready-made chocolates and chocolate related *shudder* 'goodies'.

Chloe@Max Brenner's
The devil eats chocolate.

After initial taste, Princess (head shaking vigorously and hands waving vigorously) said (screamed, more like),' Mai liao, mai liao.'

That is Princess verdict, a self-confessed chocolate lover (I ask what her favourite food is, she will say chocolate until she saw ice-cream or cheesecake, haha).

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