Saturday, March 22, 2008

[Melbourne 2008] Food & Drink - Piadina Slowfood

Piadina Slowfood
Rear 57 Lonsdale St

Date visited: 15/2/2008 (day7) for lunch

Still full (gali, more like) from previous night's dinner. I sat in the sun in a little garden on Spring St waiting for tummy to grumble. Princess chased birds and plucked flowers. Finally, it got too hot so we made our way slowly towards then along Lonsdale St.

Came across Madam Brussels Lane first. Housed many hip eateries/bakeries/cafe here. Check out the ultra cool Espressino at rear, very bright and welcoming with drool worthy cakes and snacks in the glass cabinet.

Mdm Brussels Lane@50 Londale St
Madame Brussells Lane, 50 Lonsdale St

Cross the road and continue along Lonsdale St and we arrived at number 57. Climb a flight of stairs and Piadina Slowfood with Chinese/Japanese lantern greeted us at its entrance. Super strange, lantern in an Italian cafe which served its food in a Chinese claypot. Fusion all the to Mars, very strange indeed.

Piadina Slowfood
Inside, the cafe is tiny. Daily changing menu hung from the ceiling and on chalk board.

Ham & rocket piadina @Piadina Slowfood
I wasn't hungry, so I opt for piadina (Italian flat bread) with ham (I am sure it has some nice name) and rocket. It came with lots of garlic (FRESHLY minced). I like but sure ain't come cheap, total A$13.00.

Princess drank half the latte, orz ><

Piadina Slowfood 1
The place is buzzing when we left, around 12.45.

Signature 'smile' (looks fakey fakey haha)

Princess likes Melbourne very much.

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